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    Otočić Sveta Marija
    Otočić Sveta Marija na mljetskom Velikom jezeru
  • Dubrovačke zidine
    Dubrovačke zidine
    Dubrovačke gradske zidine su sklop utvrda koje okružuju stari dio grada ...


Smokvica village (pronou nced Smokvitza) is located about 30 kilometers from the Korcula Old Town. It is a small village of about one thousand inhabitants. Smokvica lays on the southern slide of surrounded hills which gives this village pleasant climate as it is protected from the BURA - unpleasant and cold northern wind.  History of Smokvica dates back from 15th and 16th century, when Slav tribes from the Croatian mainland arrived here to find a refuge of Ottoman attacks. Traces of life in this location are found in Gradina (Smokvica's suburb) which dates back to Illyrian times.


Smokvica's main church was built towards the end of 17 century and again rebuilt on the beginning of 20th century. Smokvica has long established tradition of vine as well as olive growing. The large Smokvica Field is the location of the well known Smokvica vineyards, where famous vines Posip and Rukatac are grown for centuries. These are quite well known dry vines from the area, known as excellent vines among the vine-lovers. On the edges of Smokvica there is a wine factory which serves wine production of the village. It is on the way to bay Brna - Smokvica's local bay.


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