• Otočić Sveta Marija
    Otočić Sveta Marija
    Otočić Sveta Marija na mljetskom Velikom jezeru
  • Dubrovačke zidine
    Dubrovačke zidine
    Dubrovačke gradske zidine su sklop utvrda koje okružuju stari dio grada ...


Cavtat is a small town located on the far south of the Adriatic coast, on the slopes of two peninsulas , Rat and Sustjepan, which reveal a green oasis that has remained untouched for centuries. Today’s Cavtat was developed on ruins of ancient Epidaurus, predecessor of Dubrovnik. Built throughout centuries, its architecture resembles Dubrovnik’s and its creators and their work are of great importance for our history. The base of economical development lies in tourism, agriculture and fishery. Cavtat is the center of unique beauties of scenery: bays and beaches, submarine areas, rich vegetation and home of pines and cypresses. Clean air and the purity of the sea and water are proven by statistical analysis, as well as by free consumption of drinking water trough town waterworks. By exploring the old part of the town, one can discover a unique and harmonious diversity of architecture; displayed on chapels, villas and summer houses. The main walking area is shaded by palm trees, where docking of yachts and numerous restaurants form an altogether recognizable image. Cave Sipun is a natural monument worth seeing. Cavtat offers various types of accommodation: hotels, apartments and pensions of high categorization with affordable prices. The nearby proximity of Dubrovnik (20 km) and airport (6 km) makes Cavtat an even more desirable destination, and regular bus and boat services connect it with nearby surroundings. Cavtat is located near the state highway (M2, E65). From annual manifestations, we can point out “Cavtat summer” (throughout July- August) with numerous cultural events such as folklore, music and sport. Still, the most celebrated festivity is the religious holiday of  “Gospa od Snijega” on August 5th, when a state holiday (Independence day) is celebrated as well. Cavtat offers excellent recreation facilities: tennis courts, beach volleyball, fitness center, trim tracks and water sports from which we can pinpoint diving. There are 3 diving clubs in Cavtat. There are 3 islands that divers find especially interesting: Mrkan, Bobara and Supetar, the ones that protect and divide Cavtat from open sea.


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