• Otočić Sveta Marija
    Otočić Sveta Marija
    Otočić Sveta Marija na mljetskom Velikom jezeru
  • Dubrovačke zidine
    Dubrovačke zidine
    Dubrovačke gradske zidine su sklop utvrda koje okružuju stari dio grada ...


Island of Sipan is one of the islands of the Elaphite archipelago. Sipan is also the largest island of the archipelago covering area of 16.5 km2. There are two villages on Sipan - Sudurad and Sipanska Luka. Sudurad is located on the eastern side of the island, while Sipanska Luka is on the west. As Sipan is the island that is in near vicinity of Dubrovnik (17 km away), it is well connected with Dubrovnik and is very popular as tourist destination especially in the summer, as there are regular boat connections to Sipan from Dubrovnik . The jouney takes about one hour. Sipanska Luka ( Port of Sipan) is the main port on Sipan and is a very popular destination for sailors, being a well protected harbour. There are numerous architectural monuments from the Middle Ages: the remains of Church of St. Peter on Velji Point from 11th century, Church of Sveti Ivan with its frescos from 11th and 15th century in Silova Sela, and the pre-Romantic Church of Sveti Mihovil from the 11th century, a Romantic-Gothic house, a Gothic tower, and the Renaissance Church of the Holy Spirit from 1569, all built as part of the Benedictine monastery in Pakljena. Back in 15th century, Sipan was popular place for Dubrovnik's upper classes to have their holiday homes built there. One of them, the Sorkocevic's family summer house stands out in particular. Also, in 15th century, a Gothic Rector's Palace was constructed above Sipanska Luka, bearing bifora on the facade. At Sipanska Luka, there is also Gothic Church of Sveti Stipan with a painting of Pantaleon. Beside this, the remains of Roman villas have been discovered in Sipanska Luka too, just to prove this place was populated long time ago.

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