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    Otočić Sveta Marija
    Otočić Sveta Marija na mljetskom Velikom jezeru
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    Dubrovačke zidine
    Dubrovačke gradske zidine su sklop utvrda koje okružuju stari dio grada ...


Kupari is a seaside resort on the western coast of the Zupa Bay, 8 km southeast of Dubrovnik, situated on a slope of a small hill.  Kupari lies on a branching road of the main road.
On the cape along the sea is a 400m long sand shore. Southwest of the cove is a promenade between a pine forest and the sea, with accesses to a number of small shores. Kupari has a large sandy beach, modern hotels in the shade of palm trees and oleanders, and was once the top tourism destination in the Dubrovnik region.
It was once the location where kuparica (roof tiles) were produced, which covered the homes of old Dubrovnik. This is how the town received its name.
Above Kupari, the forested hills of Pelegrin rise up, with a small chapel standing guard at the peak. Around it are monuments from the earliest of times. Not far from Kupari, at Cibaci, there are ruins from Illyrian and Roman times. The entire Zupa region hides many unexplored archaeological localities.

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