• Otočić Sveta Marija
    Otočić Sveta Marija
    Otočić Sveta Marija na mljetskom Velikom jezeru
  • Dubrovačke zidine
    Dubrovačke zidine
    Dubrovačke gradske zidine su sklop utvrda koje okružuju stari dio grada ...


Below the Adriatic tourist road along the shore, lies the village Soline which was named after the saltworks. Warm and welcoming hosts open the doors of their homes to many guests who will always enjoy the place, as well as when they first came here.
The most beautiful place there is the Church of St.. Nicholas, the patron saint of travelers and seafarers. It had two phases of construction, the first from XIV and XV century with Gothic features and the other to annex part of the XVIII century.
Solina is not far from the village Smokovijenac and the Smokvijenac spring that was first mentioned  in 1281.

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Smještaj Soline

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